The Public Beta has begun!

Hello there, everyone! Just a quick announcement that the Public Beta has now begun! Adjustments are being made and everything will eventually be in tip-top shape! If you’ve got any suggestions, complaints, or feedback, go ahead and leave it in the “feedback” forum! That’s it for now, thanks for reading! […]

Little Big Planet 3 SPONGEBOB LEVELS Funny Moments!


Hellooo everyone, Seanerzat here, and welcome BACK to my lair! Join me today as I browse through the many Spongebob levels, both amazing and terrible! This video, we check a bunch of different Spongebob levels, however many of them are outdated and derpy (adding to hilarity). Anyways, thanks for watching!

Top Five Little Big Planet 3 Levels

  Most likely, if you are a devout fan of the Little Planet, you’ll know most (if not all) of these levels. However, I’ve made this list for those who are looking for something fun to waste their time on or to give them inspiration for their own level creation. […]

Little Big Planet 3 – First Look Review

              At first glance, Little Big Planet 3 simply looks like a puzzler platformer, yet through its in-depth creation options it proves itself to be far more. Being a newcomer to the series and not being able to compare Little Big Planet 3 to its […]

Little Big Planet 3