Hello there, random passerby! Welcome to The Little Planet, my little, Little Big Planet 3 community! (That’s a mouthful to say)

There’s probably a few things you’re curious about, if you came to the About section. For example, “why do you own littlebigplanet3.com, and not the owners of the game?” Here’s my answer; it was simply not purchased yet. Even littlebigplanet4.com was taken, but our little hub prevailed. It’s like it practically reserved itself for us. Ain’t that cool?

You may possibly maybe also be curious about me, the head writer, so I suppose I should introduce myself to you.
*clears throat*

Greetings! My name is Seanerzat. That’s about it. lelelelelel.

Nah, to be more serious with you, I run a YouTube Gaming channel, largely now centered around Little Big Planet 3. I make things from Funny Moments videos to Level Reviews. However, every week or so, I make videos on other games. Maybe I’ll make websites for other game communities too! As I currently write this “About” page, I haven’t done anything more than our Little Planet here.


Currently, that’s all I’ve got. I’ll probably fill this in a bit better later. Or not. If you’re reading this, I either got lazy, or I’m still super busy trying to set everything up.