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At first glance, Little Big Planet 3 simply looks like a puzzler platformer, yet through its in-depth creation options it proves itself to be far more. Being a newcomer to the series and not being able to compare Little Big Planet 3 to its prequels, the game showed itself to be worth the sixty dollars that Sony charges. From its kooky main quest-line (or Adventure mode) to the thousands of user-made levels, I found myself putting hours of my life into the game and feeling pretty satisfied afterwards.

While this review largely goes into the level creation and creativity side of the game, without giving spoilers, the Adventure mode is absolutely outstanding, each level given loads of visual detail. The story feels a tad lacking, but every small step you put into it rewards you greatly. I don’t have the grounds to continue reviewing the main storyline of the game as I haven’t finished it myself, but so far it lives up to my expectations.


An attempt to create a simplistic "monster survival" level


Level Creation

When it comes to content creation, the things you can make are virtually endless. Little Big Planet 3 is backwards compatible to the first and second games, meaning you can play any levels or use anything from the predecessors. That said, if the game was not backwards compatible, it would be extremely lacking considering there is only a fraction of the amount of levels for Little Big Planet 3 as there are for Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2. Yes, yes, the game has only been out for a few months, but the severe lack of newer content could also be due to the learning curve of level creation. But fear not! The Popit Puzzles provide an enjoyable experience in which you get to learn the ropes of level creation while also solving puzzles and things of the sort! Beats any ordinary tutorial, I say.

However, even with the Popit Puzzles, I still find it a little hard to make levels. Granted, the depth of it means that you’ll have the luxury of playing hundreds of equally unique levels, buuut it will take determination and effort to forge a glory such as those yourself.


Creation of the Bacon Bunny


Character Creation

But the content creation doesn’t stop there! For those who enjoy character customization (me being a character designing extremist), there’s a fair share of fun for you. At the start of the game, you are provided with a few different sets of costumes to mix and match. As you continue to do the main storyline, you earn new pieces of costumes. The awesome bit of customization however is that you can plop any decoration or sticker onto your Sackboy, and you find hundreds of objects as you play, from bacon slices to furniture to diamonds to solidified rainbows. You can save each costume you make, meaning I can swap between my bacon-bunny and my Sackboy named Jonah (both visible in some of the screenshots) as much as I like.


Final Verdict

Overall, after six hours or so of playing the game, I found that:

• The main Adventure Mode is captivating and very rewarding

• Though level creation is hard, the options are infinite

• Character customization is easy and leaves no roof on your imagination

Final verdict? 8/10 (or 4/5).



This looks almost artsy

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